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Life has its cycles, its ups, and downs. Sometimes you feel great, and you experience all that is wonderful in the world. Occasionally, however, everything that you knew before comes crashing down around you causing you to feel confused and sometimes hopeless.Death

Most of the time when doing a tarot reading for those people who have never had one done before say, “I hope I don’t get the Death card!” However, in my experience, the Tower has always filled my little heart full of dread to the umpteenth power. To me, that’s the “Oh Shit!” card. I have had the displeasure of getting this card on many occasions. I know every time I get this particular card, I am going to go through some colossal upheaval, albeit with a necessary end game.

Both the Death card and the Tower represent changes and transformation. However, the Death card is the type of transition that is the Winter to Spring to Summer to Fall type of change. It is the hibernation of the soul in the winter only to grow into the same thing but wiser in the spring. In essence, the old you dies and makes room for the new you. It is a metamorphosis much like a caterpillar to a butterfly.

The TowerThe Tower represents a more chaotic side of change that comes quickly and without warning. Your whole world comes crumbling down on you, and there seems to be nothing that you can do to ease the transitional forces that have laid siege upon the castle that is you. It comes in the form of outside powers that you cannot control and can be very devastating to an individual during the process and the aftermath. It may feel like a personal attack, but I assure you it is not.

However, you need not be too afraid. When you get this card in a reading, and it is not in the past position, then brace yourself. Remember, that when your Tower as crumbled and the dust has cleared, you can rebuild and make yourself a stronger “tower.” It is always important to stay positive.

Hope is all you have, but you still have to make things happen for yourself. The Tower is the Universes last resort to get you back to your proper purpose when you have lost your way. Sometimes, we get little nudges that we need to do something, and when we don’t listen for whatever reason, the Universe will give us a massive push over that edge that we were afraid to go over.

Usually, you don’t listen to your intuition because you just don’t believe that you can do the task that you were meant to do. Sometimes, you feel as if the thing you are drawn to do is illogical or you can’t do it. With self-confidence and trust in yourself, you can do anything you feel compelled to do.