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Fehu is the rune of wealth, possessions, and material goods. However, what happens when you have too Fehu Brightstavemuch wealth? What of the people who hoard green pieces of paper?

Runes, thought of as ancient spirits, tell where balance lacked in one’s life. Of course, there’s more to it but let’s stick with the balance portion for now. In this vein, Fehu is the energy of movable wealth.

Movable wealth.

Not “hanging out and sitting on its ass in one spot” wealth.

Think of it this way, back in ancient times, if a person did not contribute to the community they lived within, people would die. When someone did not pitch in, they would be forced to or thrown out of the tribe to fend for themselves in the wilderness.

Humans were and will always be pack animals. We need each other to survive.

Hoarded wealth gives some people a false sense of security. These people may feel that they can use the wealth they have acquired and escape anything that may occur to the rest of us mortals of Earth.

They seem to have forgotten that they, too, are a mortal of Earth, and the only way out of this hell hole they have created is through the muck.

People who worship money only seem to see the here and now. They do not look at a future for their children, let alone the rest of us. Only give faith to concrete solutions they offer us.

Some of these solutions are mere distractions while they rob the rest of the resources and lay waste and contaminated water in their wake.

Fehu MerkstaveFehu merkstave (reversed) teaches us that we play a dangerous game with our resources. It is the lack of wealth and the movement of the energy of wealth. This lack brings stagnation and an ending to this movement in general.

The movement of wealth brings a new beginning when this rune is upright. At best, the energy of wealth brings us the things we need to survive in a society. Something that can bring us long term stability, whether property, stock, or something that can grow this strength throughout our lives and our children’s lives.

Money itself is not the cause of the situation, but the attitudes some who have a lot of it project onto others can be a big issue. Money brings out the actual value of the person. Someone quite wealthy can contribute to their community in a lot of positive ways, or they can be a gossipmonger who does everything for “clout.”

We need to stop paying so much attention to the types who spew vitriol. Stop feeding the beast, and the creature will disappear. We need to start paying more attention to those who offer viable solutions to issues. Until then, how will we see any real solutions to the problems we face now and in the future?