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woman holding paper money
Image by Sally Jermain from Pixabay

Money, the elusive beast that vexes us all. Oh yeah… everyone wants it, but it’s a fickle bitch isn’t it? People lust after pieces of paper. Why? Well, it gives the best prizes to those that can achieve it… allegedly. Extremes are never something to strive for in my opinion. Too much money, and people will try to take it away. Too little and you and your family starves to death.

So, how do we as magicians hunt down this wily monster? Let’s think of money as a concept or energy.

Get Right with Money

The first step is to learn how money lives within its natural world. Learning normie ways to work with money helps you several ways. Learning about how the credit score works racks your brain but by doing this, you know what you have to do to gain financial freedom from debt. You learn how the economy creates strife for those that don’t avoid the dangers.

Once you learn how money lives and breathes in its environment and how it fights to keep you tucked into your place, you being to where to target your magics.

The debt beast must be dealt with as well. Debt is a big one boring as hell. It can lull you into a downward spiral of fear and self-loathing if you allow it. Do not despair. This is the trick it plays. Freedom awaits beyond its grasp. This monster becomes overwhelming because we have been conditioned to believe that it’s fine. But This beast keeps us locked into the nine-to-five corporate grind. People will spend a lifetime tied to a company that gives no fucks about you.

Remember… money is energy. It needs to move like energy, too. It will get stale

Most people hate and want money at the same time. This attitude creates quite a toxic relationship between humans, so why wouldn’t do the same with your relationship with money. Sure, money and people are different things, but energetically speaking, I see people try to call in something they hate due to other people’s greedy little hands destroying nice things.

You need to remember that we can have money and nice things at the same time. Money enhances your personality and a lot of sociopathic behavior is rewarded in our society. Money isn’t the monster. The monster is the human who decides to hoard it. There is plenty because it is energy. The more momentum gained, the more it perpetuates itself. You just need to understand that it isn’t money that’s the problem, and we know that you wouldn’t be one of the types to hoard everything.

Do not expect things to happen at once. This is a slow ass process. In my mind, having the money you need allows you to afford freedom from monetary tyranny. I personally do not feel the need to be super-rich. This is not the life for me personally, but hey… you do you.

Focus on the Tangible

When you are spellcasting for money, remember to ask for tangible items. If you need a car, do a spell for a car, not the money to get the car. Bypass the wishy-washiness of the money beast, and go for the thing you want directly. You do not need to be humble here. You will get the thing you want, but it may come to you in a weird-ass way.

For example, I needed funds to fix a scratch in my car, so I did a working to get the money to get the car fixed. It came to me in the form of a deer hitting my car with its body and ran off into the night. Car fixed! The fastest way for me to get the money happened to be a small amount of body damage on my car with a severe jump scare. Sure, my heart aged fifty years, but the car looked nice.

The point is, enchant for the trip and not the money for the trip. You’ll get the money for the trip you need. Do not expect to be in the one percent of rich people. Sure, this is possible, but you probably have to sell your soul to the heartless part of the money beast.