We all have those thoughts that come into our mind about life, the universe, and everything that may seem like you’re the only person on earth who thinks this way. You may have thoughts that seem a little bit controversial in certain groups.

I am talking about more magically minded groups, of course.

For example, I have seen people in tarot groups get a million comments calling them stupid or worse because they don’t think the way the majority of readers do. I am sure this is every circle and genre of human groups. What is even the point of groups if you are thinking differently than the rest?

Tree in Sunset

Image by Bess Hamiti from Pixabay

Well, there really isn’t one. So you have to go it alone if you do think outside the current popular belief system. Thinking within the current reality tunnel only makes you more susceptible to cults or other harmful movements anyway.

The best thing about all of this is that you, my dear weirdo, can stand alone. You will find the other weirdlings as you move throughout the world. These people will not require you to hurt others or yourself either. If they do, they are not for you. If your gut is calling “danger” walk away.

The point is, you are not alone. You just haven’t found the people who will allow you to be the individual you are and shine with your unique light. It isn’t just you in this world. It is all of us who dare to dream of a world that is different than the one that we currently reside in.