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Correspondence Quick Guide

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This handy guide is there when you are ready to cast your spells out to the world. Compiled and collected to be short and sweet so you can do what you are best at… Magic! The quick guide is only in print at the moment to allow for writing your notes within the book’s pages. The herbal correspondences are everyday items found in the kitchen or at your local grocer. It is always best to perform magic when inspired, and sometimes more exotic herbs are a few days or more shipping days away.




Night Cleaners: Book One

Cover Image of Night Cleaners: Book One

Night Cleaners is an anthology series, and Richard’s experience at his job bookends the deeper story for his nightly cleaning assignment.

The story follows a recruit named Richard at Obsidian Cleaners. An agency that is hired to clean up paranormal messes before they destroy the illusion of sanity that the people hold so near and dear.

In Book One we meet Tonya and Bobby who are on their way to make a porn film, or so Tonya thinks. Learn the origins of Bud the Warlock as he destroys the minds and throats of his summoners.


Only available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.