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This current mercury retrograde has been quite an unstable ride, especially emotionally. Luckily, we are so close to being done with this transit. The next thing will most be much worse, but this is where we are in the present moment. Let’s work with it.

Personal Experiences

I am lucky in that I have not experienced the normal retrograde things. No computer problems, car problems, or anything like that. I only got a little dent in my car from a stick flying into the door.

Otherwise, all that stuff happened during the shadow period. I tried to work through that very slowly.

I personally began the period with a nice foggy brain, but I worked through it. I found out a lot of tricks in order to get this right. This may have more to do with Uranus ingressing into Taurus than the retrograde, but I am still pleased that what I am doing works.

I cried a lot, and I anticipate a continuation of this for a little time longer. This is fairly normal, but it’s more than usual at the moment. Part of me thinks that this behavior is weak and should be eliminated. The part of me that doesn’t give a shit, well, thinks this is totally okay because it is a part of being a human being.

I contemplated how I am not being fair to myself and allowing others to invalidate who I am or how I feel about them. You should too. Not everyone needs to stay in your life.

Now we move forward (almost).

Vague Words

On a lighter note, I feel like it is time to stop being so vague about everything. For example, the words that we use in order to convey the spiritual. I almost think that in order to be all-encompassing for everyone’s belief systems we may have lost our own in vague words.

I know that when I do readings online for Instagram, I am purposely vague. The goal is not to pinpoint one person’s day but to allow the person who reads the caption to apply it to what is vexing them the most.

We tend to convolute otherwise simple words. These words lose meaning from this oversimplification of these words to encompass a wide range of experiences.

Mainly, the word “journey” is annoying the fuck out of me. I don’t even know what it means anymore because it is all over the place. “Life’s journey” is zero percent better.

I am going totally blame the retrograde for being annoyed. And usually, if you are annoyed, it is you not the other people saying it. It probably makes total sense to everyone else on earth but me for all I know.

Most likely it is Uranus that is causing the annoyance because there is a lack of planning of movement in any direction.

To me, the word “journey” in the spiritual sense implies that there is some sort of order involved. I have yet to see anything in my life making any sort of sense.

Do people really have to go through a bunch of bullshit or any kind of hard life to learn lessons for the universe? 

I don’t think so. I think we can do better. This kind of thinking makes it seem that it is okay for people to just shit on each other.

Do you go out into the jungle without a map or a compass? Maybe even some sort of survival supplies? Why are we just being thrust into the “spiritual wilderness” with such a vague map?

You probably are running down your spiritual path thinking you have the tools. Maybe Spinning Globeyou do, but I feel like if this was the case, there would be less human misery. Or worse, human hatred by humans. I have always felt that even though no one gives two shits about what I have to say, I can change the world by small actions.

I am seeing a death of this kind of New Age Vague Speak with the younger people getting involved in more specific traditions or making their own traditions while also keeping it more modern. There is hope yet!

I, however, have switched gears on my journey so many times, and will most likely continue to do so in my life. And I plan on continuing to look into all the little dumb things that annoy me to examine why these things are so irksome.

In the meantime, I hope you all have a smooth journey through throughout the rest of the retrograde.