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If you ask it, she will answer

Queen of Cups with a shell

This passage is the first in a series where I allow a Tarot deck to pick the topic for me. A tarot topic if you will. I chose the Crowley’s Thoth Tarot. Lo and behold! Out came the Queen of Cups to grace us with her presence.

The Question

What topic is most important for people to know?


Water of Water. Mysterious, Contemplative, Dreamy, Intuitive, and Tranquility. The woman who reflects the nature of the observer.

I picked two areas that I felt were most important for us to know.


This queen is asking us to reflect on our innermost emotions. A lot of times we do not do this. It seems too hard for us to take a second of every day and check in with how we feel about the going ons around us. We are taught to be humble; to say yes; to do what authority tells us; just watch TV.

Sovereign beings need to take a moment to check in with themselves. Everything else around us is not necessarily as it should be, and we need to make sure that we don’t fall into a complacency hole. Don’t do it, my friend! The future, your future, as an autonomous individual relies on you being at one with yourself.

You are not your worst enemy. That is a lie told to gaslight ourselves into a corner. You are the one that will always be on your side. If you do not have yourself to rely on, then what or who do you have? Not much and no one.

You need to look inside and make sure that you are okay with things going on around you.

  • Is how others treat you beneficial to both parties?
  • Is your future-self going to be happy with your present-self?
  • Do you see or notice red flags as they rear their ugly head?
  • Are you the one sabotaging your relationships?
  • Do your highest ideals and your actual life meet up in reality for coffee sometime?
  • Is your moral compass skewed?

Make sure you check yourself. You don’t want to be the actual asshole that everyone will be leaving behind. You don’t have to take crap from human bastards. Let them spread their shit somewhere else.


Focus and dream of what is to come and what you want out of life. No worries about reality when you imagine a perfect existence. Go over the top while you visualize. Think of it as brainstorming about the world you wish to create.

We all have this thing called an inner child. This child never leaves us but will hibernate if we take life way too seriously. Most will think that the world is a dark place where there is no hope and no room to move. This aspect of the world is merely an illusion. A prison we create for ourselves.

When we choose to move throughout the world as if the world is our toy, then the shackles fall away, and we can move freely in our life. Why be so serious about it all? What will anything that is beneath our highest ideals do for us? It does nothing. Break the chains that bind you, and dare to dream.


We are going to meet shit people in our life, but there is never an excuse to become one. We don’t have to step on toes or put people down. We merely need to lift ourselves up, and the rest will stay at the level where they are. They won’t even seem to notice you, and that’s the best.

We attract those per our own Will. If those around you do not act according to our ideals, then a need is there to check in with our purpose. Consider them course correctors as you navigate through your life.

At the same time, we have to live in the material world. While daydreaming is fun and beneficial when it comes to figuring out where we see our future, action is better when it is rooted in practicality. Not all ideas are good ideas in practice. Someone dreams up these dumb challenges that involving a poisonous substance, and it never works out well.