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Weekly Tarot

This week I give away the proprietary secrets on how I read my tarot for the week. I am joking of course. My methods are not a secret by any means.

I prefer not to read tarot to learn about myself. I live with myself regularly, so I am well-versed with my shit side. I do need guidance when it comes to keeping motivated, and where I need to focus my efforts to get somewhere with my personal goals.

I’m all about goals, and Tarot is a multivalent tool that can not only help your psyche but your ability to get things accomplished. All ways are valid.

The Makeup of the Question

The first thing I do is focus on the dreaded question. Since I will be working on what to expect this week, I can ask about it a few different ways.

● What can I expect this week?
● What issues will I have this week?
● What can I do this week that will help with my long-term goals?
● What will happen?

I usually ask the last question for daily readings.

I chose:

“What issues will I have this week?”

I am keeping everything pretty vague, but I want to know the most important possibilities. I also do the reading in the third person to keep myself out of it.

The Reading

Now that the hard part is out of the way, I have drawn my cards. I use three cards, and this week, I am using the Deviant Moon Tarot because of its accuracy and emotional nature.

I pulled the Seven of Pentacles, the Six of Wands, and the Knight of Swords.

3 Card Spread

The Scan

The next step is to scan the cards and view how they play together. I want to see how they are interacting with each other or anything else that pops out at me.

So the first thing I notice is the knight’s face. He looks so angry at the other two. He also appears to be stopping in his tracks. His assault seems to have ended in a very awkward way.

I notice that most of the hands have something in them. Most are wooden, but the Knight has one hand on the reign and one on his sword ready to fight if needed.

The knight’s face has morphed from the initial violent assault vibe it was giving off in the beginning. I note this because this is significant. The face on the Seven of Pentacles looks a bit worried, and the Six of Wands seems over-whelmed, but that knight is determined to shine regardless of the difficulties ahead.

The Focus Card

Now, that I finished the overall feeling, I move to the middle card.

The middle card determines the theme of the week. I am of two minds with this one.

There are five wands in disembodied hands. They want to give these wands to the figure, but she has already picked up a baton. That was the decision made, and that was where this person wishes to grow. The person is metamorphosing into a butterfly and doesn’t necessarily need the multiple choices at its disposal. These are merely there to distract and seduce back into the complacency of the card to the left.

The Six of Wands lady has more hands and could handle all of the gifts. However, taking them would prove to be fatal to the decision made in the beginning.

All in all the focus is work on one thing at a time, and eliminate distractions.

The Meat of the Reading

The Seven of Pentacles appears to be in a hell hole of drudgery and is just a cog in the industrial machine. But she seems to want more than just the day to day grind. She is using what she has to make her dreams come true by sacrificing what she had worked so hard to build in the past. Now, she transforms into the figure in the Six of Wands.

She has just escaped and is like a newborn when it comes to this decision, but the path before her may be daunting. There are a lot of ways that her dream could go, and all of them are at their beginning stage. It is best to stick with what she has to avoid the sinking feeling of doom that comes with an overabundance of choices. Focusing on one thing at a time will ensure that all of these endeavors will be fruitful.

The Knight is looking back at the other two cards as if to tell them to stay to the task ahead. He is in charge, and he wants the Six of Wands to pay attention to the future. He wants her to get one thing done before accepting any more gifts from the disembodied hands before her.

He is stopping his dragon horse with one hand, and that implies he intends to turn the beast around and charge into the far away future. He just merely needs to bark his orders to the soldiers behind him.

While he seemed to be angry and mean at first, his real purpose was to keep the momentum going, so the others do not lag behind. His way to the future involves discipline and action.

The Wrap-up

Based on the reading, I will need to eliminate distractions from my life. I still have a ways to go. I know what I want, and I have started to grow it. There is a lot more fight that needs to happen to ensure success.

The quintessence of my reading was Death and the Empress. Transformation and the need to nurture it to grow something new are the themes with these two cards.

Death and the Empress

These are great things to remember throughout this week. I had already changed my plans a few times when I first decided on the change I finally implemented, but ultimately I am working towards one thing at a time. I will keep this reading in mind as I navigate life through the next seven days.


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