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Sometimes, we as human beings, get into an emotional rut. We  tell our­selves that we must stay where we are because of fear of the unknown. I am not  talking about the positive emotions of love or happiness, but of the negative  ones named hate, anger, and fear. These are the ones that are easier for us  to feel and acknowledge. Many of us have been molded into thinking that the  negative emotions are more real than the positive. Even the most well meaning  parents throw a bunch of “you cant’s” at their children, which causes them to  believe “I can’t” when they become adults. These thoughts are counter productive  to our well being and ability to bring abundance into our lives. There are ways  to combat the onslaught of negative thought, however. That does not mean  that you are damned if you indulge in even one negative thought against  yourself.

I like to think of our brain as a  finely tuned computer, and our thoughts are the files that we work on. We either save these ideals on  the desk top in a temporary fashion or on the hard drive for permanent storage.  You should only save those thoughts that are uplifting and empowering to the  hard drive. If you were to save a degrading thought to a permanent area in  your brain, than it would be very hard to get rid of in the long run. That is  why they invented psychologists, of course, but you can save yourself some  hassle. Negative thoughts are kind of like a virus that we allow into our heads.  They do nothing but impede us on our path to enlightenment or even our  everyday life. For example, if you are on your way to a job interview, and you really  want the job. It is everything that you have ever dreamed of doing, but on the  way to the interview, you start to think that you will never get this job. You  tell yourself that they will hate you or you are not qualified enough. These  thoughts start to build in your head creating self-hate, resentment toward  yourself, and a sense of fear that you just aren’t good enough.

These thoughts create viral files  that will, if left to their own devices, cause you to fail in your endeavor. The brain virus makes sure  that it is proven right every time. Then again, so are the thoughts that make  you feel good. Files of viral emotional clutter are nothing more than  that…Clutter.

Negative emotions need to be  recognized and gently placed into the trash bin in our computer brains, and then securely deleted. When this  virus is overtaking your mind and causing a lot of confusion, remember to  BREATHE! Focus solely on the breath, and then come back to these thoughts of negativity  and realize what they really are…nothing. Throw them gently away, and  never beat yourself up about them. Ever! That just causes the cycle of doubt to  continue.

It is also important to only allow people in your life that are not going to constantly make sure that you  are reminded of a moment when you were simply not being your normal  wonderful self. You do not need these people in your life, and that part was dealt with  in the last blog. They both tie into each other, because the people you chose  to surround yourself with are a reflection of what you perceive as yourself  and what you deserve. I cannot stress this enough. I have seen a lot of  individuals lately who are wonderful and just can’t see it. Remember, you have to  love yourself before you can love anyone else. You also have to love yourself before  anything great can come into your life.