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There are those of us who love to spread or participate in blabbermouthery. Gossip is different than simply talking about your problems to another human being. It is the defamation of someone who may or may not have wronged you in some minuscule way. Maybe, the person merely took what you thought was YOUR parking spot, so now you have to spread maliciousness about them. However, this type of chitter chatter itself is a braggarts way of putting a type of curse upon the person they are spreading lies about.

Now, imagine you have several people talking about you at the same time while you are trying to better your life. In your mind’s eye, you see these people talking about you around ye ole water cooler. See their words coming out of their mouth and floating around them. These words float into the ears and minds of the people listening. These people start to feel emotions that are tied to these words. They speak, adding more fuel to the fire that is the energy of the ritual these people are performing. Their emotions get involved intertwining into more and more energy. It is released into the universe, and then the universe acts upon the request. There is no filter in the universe that determine whether something is “bad” or “good.” It merely acts.

Gossip can cause change through non true will. On a mundane level, it can totally destroy a person’s life. Take the Salem witch trials as an example. Giles Corey was accused of being a witch, but he wasn’t. In fact, I highly doubt there were a lot of witches at that point. He refused to confess, because he was a pious man not guilty of what he was accused of. He was pressed to death with heavy stones. Each time they would add weight and each time he would say, “More weight.” He ended up cursing the town of Salem himself. All this man tried to do was question the innocence of the people who were jailed or hung for being a witch. Mainly, the innocence of his wife who had done the same, and was also accused of witchcraft. On a metaphysical level, the energy that people expend in this sort of activity can actually change the persons “luck” until their life turns to shit.


The point is, when we gossip we place the stones onto the person who is being gossiped about. The more this person is gabbed about, the more stones are placed upon this person. Eventually, this person will break. When the gossip is extremely vicious the faster the destruction of a person who more than likely was innocent in the first place.

When you hear gossip about another don’t participate. First of all, the people who are doing the talking about another may not know everything that is going on in the life of another. They may have misunderstood something that the person had said or did one day. They didn’t bother to clarify whether it was true or not. They only wanted to feel important with the ability to talk about something other than the weather to others. It makes a busybody feel empowered and strong. People who gossip are really just doing it because they feel weak, and have no real control of their own life. People who continue the gossip without question are equally as guilty. People who just listen but don’t spread the lies are really trying to see what kind of person you are by participating in such an act.

So think for yourself and question gossip or “news.”