Dark Night of the Soul


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As morose as it might sound, the aptly named dark night of the soul is necessary to our spiritual evolution. It is the universe’s way of initiating us into a new level of consciousness. it is there to test our previously held belief systems. We will either use this time to strengthen those beliefs or we will throw them out to make room for something new. A break from all our paradigms that will either make or break us.

The dark night is when we loose all faith in ourselves and our abilities not only as spiritual beings but as physical ones. On a spiritual level, a person who is going through this period of initiation will feel disconnected from their intuition, their beliefs, and from their chosen gods. On a physical level, this time will make us feel as if we don’t know who we really are anymore. Things around them will fall apart, and they may feel extremely depressed. They may feel as if we have spiritual ADD in a way, meaning they will go every which way with their energies to find a solution to their earthly dilemma. Nothing seems to satisfy those who are going through this bit of spiritual boredom. Searching for answers because more of an addiction than an actual searching for answers. It’s like they are searching for a certain sort of something, but don’t know what that something is.

The problem is that one doesn’t know what to do about the fact that they are going through such a dark time. One almost has to approach it with a “go with the flow” type attitude.

Some people state that when you going through this time you should meditate to calm yourself. That is always easier said then done. Of course that is simple when you are content and don’t feel the need to be all over the place with your energy and spread yourself thin. A spiritually unsound soul is not at rest, and eventually will keep that not so rested feeling as the norm. It can cause a multitude of mental maladies, and a lack of confidence.

Some people in this time, will not being searching for spiritual answers at all. Their whole life may have fallen apart, and it is hard to be spiritual on any level when your physical self is threatened as well. A person’s physical well being must be cared for first before you can or should do any hardcore searching into the spiritual. Spiritual work is tiring, and so is not being able to take care of yourself or your family.

It is important to remember that all of this will pass. Life has it’s cycles of knowledge, and even what we think we know will ebb and flow like the ocean. Existence can be chaotic at times much like the ocean in the storm. I am a firm believer that even seemingly tough times can end up being our greatest teacher. Challenges can show us how strong we really are in the face of adversity if we are willing to learn from it.


The Curse


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There are those of us who love to spread or participate in blabbermouthery. Gossip is different than simply talking about your problems to another human being. It is the defamation of someone who may or may not have wronged you in some minuscule way. Maybe, the person merely took what you thought was YOUR parking spot, so now you have to spread maliciousness about them. However, this type of chitter chatter itself is a braggarts way of putting a type of curse upon the person they are spreading lies about.

Now, imagine you have several people talking about you at the same time while you are trying to better your life. In your mind’s eye, you see these people talking about you around ye ole water cooler. See their words coming out of their mouth and floating around them. These words float into the ears and minds of the people listening. These people start to feel emotions that are tied to these words. They speak, adding more fuel to the fire that is the energy of the ritual these people are performing. Their emotions get involved intertwining into more and more energy. It is released into the universe, and then the universe acts upon the request. There is no filter in the universe that determine whether something is “bad” or “good.” It merely acts.

Gossip can cause change through non true will. On a mundane level, it can totally destroy a person’s life. Take the Salem witch trials as an example. Giles Corey was accused of being a witch, but he wasn’t. In fact, I highly doubt there were a lot of witches at that point. He refused to confess, because he was a pious man not guilty of what he was accused of. He was pressed to death with heavy stones. Each time they would add weight and each time he would say, “More weight.” He ended up cursing the town of Salem himself. All this man tried to do was question the innocence of the people who were jailed or hung for being a witch. Mainly, the innocence of his wife who had done the same, and was also accused of witchcraft. On a metaphysical level, the energy that people expend in this sort of activity can actually change the persons “luck” until their life turns to shit.


The point is, when we gossip we place the stones onto the person who is being gossiped about. The more this person is gabbed about, the more stones are placed upon this person. Eventually, this person will break. When the gossip is extremely vicious the faster the destruction of a person who more than likely was innocent in the first place.

When you hear gossip about another don’t participate. First of all, the people who are doing the talking about another may not know everything that is going on in the life of another. They may have misunderstood something that the person had said or did one day. They didn’t bother to clarify whether it was true or not. They only wanted to feel important with the ability to talk about something other than the weather to others. It makes a busybody feel empowered and strong. People who gossip are really just doing it because they feel weak, and have no real control of their own life. People who continue the gossip without question are equally as guilty. People who just listen but don’t spread the lies are really trying to see what kind of person you are by participating in such an act.

So think for yourself and question gossip or “news.”

The Abyss of Change


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Sometimes, we as human beings, get into an emotional rut. We  tell our­selves that we must stay where we are because of fear of the unknown. I am not  talking about the positive emotions of love or happiness, but of the negative  ones named hate, anger, and fear. These are the ones that are easier for us  to feel and acknowledge. Many of us have been molded into thinking that the  negative emotions are more real than the positive. Even the most well meaning  parents throw a bunch of “you cant’s” at their children, which causes them to  believe “I can’t” when they become adults. These thoughts are counter productive  to our well being and ability to bring abundance into our lives. There are ways  to combat the onslaught of negative thought, however. That does not mean  that you are damned if you indulge in even one negative thought against  yourself.

I like to think of our brain as a  finely tuned computer, and our thoughts are the files that we work on. We either save these ideals on  the desk top in a temporary fashion or on the hard drive for permanent storage.  You should only save those thoughts that are uplifting and empowering to the  hard drive. If you were to save a degrading thought to a permanent area in  your brain, than it would be very hard to get rid of in the long run. That is  why they invented psychologists, of course, but you can save yourself some  hassle. Negative thoughts are kind of like a virus that we allow into our heads.  They do nothing but impede us on our path to enlightenment or even our  everyday life. For example, if you are on your way to a job interview, and you really  want the job. It is everything that you have ever dreamed of doing, but on the  way to the interview, you start to think that you will never get this job. You  tell yourself that they will hate you or you are not qualified enough. These  thoughts start to build in your head creating self-hate, resentment toward  yourself, and a sense of fear that you just aren’t good enough.

These thoughts create viral files  that will, if left to their own devices, cause you to fail in your endeavor. The brain virus makes sure  that it is proven right every time. Then again, so are the thoughts that make  you feel good. Files of viral emotional clutter are nothing more than  that…Clutter.

Negative emotions need to be  recognized and gently placed into the trash bin in our computer brains, and then securely deleted. When this  virus is overtaking your mind and causing a lot of confusion, remember to  BREATHE! Focus solely on the breath, and then come back to these thoughts of negativity  and realize what they really are…nothing. Throw them gently away, and  never beat yourself up about them. Ever! That just causes the cycle of doubt to  continue.

It is also important to only allow people in your life that are not going to constantly make sure that you  are reminded of a moment when you were simply not being your normal  wonderful self. You do not need these people in your life, and that part was dealt with  in the last blog. They both tie into each other, because the people you chose  to surround yourself with are a reflection of what you perceive as yourself  and what you deserve. I cannot stress this enough. I have seen a lot of  individuals lately who are wonderful and just can’t see it. Remember, you have to  love yourself before you can love anyone else. You also have to love yourself before  anything great can come into your life.

The Do’s and Don’ts of using a Ouija Board


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I am not going to go into the history of the Ouija board in this post, but I am going to tell you my personal set of rules when you play with a board. There are many sites out there that explain what the board’s history is, and rules on how to use it. I would look into many sources to see what you believe about the board.


The board can be a useful tool, if used by a responsible and knowledgeable person or group of people. If you are super religious in a monotheistic way, it is best to stay completely away from it. The reason for this, is that you would invite negative spirits in just by the guilt you will feel from playing with it. Belief is very powerful, and you will probably not get the results you are looking for. Basically, if you feel fear at all, don’t do it. I cannot stress this enough.

People who don’t know what they are doing, tend to forget that they shouldn’t be playing with demons and such on there. They seems to be looking for a little danger, and forget they are messing with forces that they don’t completely understand. The spirit or entity could stay behind if you don’t properly close the ritual of sorts that you have created. It’s sad, because the Ouija can actually be useful. Everything you do when it comes to spirit should be done with intention, not with seeing if it works or whatever.

So here is my list of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to the responsible use of the Ouija.


  • A cleansing ritual before using the board. Cleanse everyone who is going to use the board, the room where the board is going to be used, and even the board itself. This can be done by burning sage, and using the smoke to clear any negative energy that would be present.
  • Have a specific person or entity you wish to contact. Ask for your guardian angel, a family member, or whomever you wish to contact. Preferably the spirit or entity would be something or someone that feels positive.
  • Ask for specific proof that isn’t going to scare the crap out of you. You could have them knock, flicker a candle, or if using the board for divination, ask for a specific sign that what they are saying is true.
  • Be comfortable. The more comfortable you are, the less likely you are to feel weak while using the board. The stronger you are the less likely that negative things will be able to attach themselves to you.
  • Be cordial. Ask the spirit or entity questions in a manner that doesn’t make them angry.
  • Say goodbye when you are done. If you feel unsettled by the experience, cleanse the room, board, and others again.


  • Use drugs or drink before using the board. This makes sure that you are not in control, and you need to be the one in control the whole time while using the board.
  • Use if you are really religious. This just invites in the negative entities, because you already feel like the board does this.
  • Let the board act in a frantic manner. Don’t let the planchette go from letter to letter really fast with no rhyme or reason. Tell it to STOP. You are in control. If you don’t feel as if you are, say goodbye, and cleanse.
  • Use while hungry. This weakens the aura. You may feel sick. Plus, using any sort of device for divination or anything like that tends to make you tired, and feel drained.
  • Be Rude. You wouldn’t like it if someone was demanding things of you. However, being assertive when necessary is different. Don’t be a pansy, but don’t be a jerk either.
  • Use if you have no prior knowledge of the occult, new age, or any other type of spirituality. You wouldn’t know what to expect, or even how to do a cleansing ritual, so it is not advised. Doing research before any sort of ritual or spiritual experience is always necessary.

I personally, have never had a problem with my boards. They do work, and sometimes they even draw pictures of things. So, enjoy and be careful.

For more on the board visit this site:

A Tarot Odyssey


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We all have our “on” moments. I am really happy with what I did here, and would like to share it with all of you. I haven’t read my cards in almost a year, and I usually do not read for myself anyway. You tend to be too close to the outcome when you read cards for yourself. You are too attached your emotions of what you want to happen, and you need to be like Switzerland when doing any type of intuitive reading for yourself or others. Basically, I came up with my own spread, and went with it. I was on a roll today.

The thing I love about tarot is the fact that you can be creative if you wish, and it is a wonderful tool to see where you have been, where you are now, and where you may end up if certain things come into play. You can change the course of your future by changing the course of the present. Anyway, on to the reading itself because that is way more fun than preachy sounding words on a screen.

I tried to be in depth with what I am presenting here, but I am not going to tell you what the question I asked was, just the resulting answer. I used the Thoth deck for this reading and the moon is 95% waning in Virgo.

I laid out nine cards after shuffling and concentrating on my question. I put them into 3 rows. The top row being the present factors, the middle row being the transitional influences, and the bottom row being the future factors.

With this part I laid out my notes for what I came up with for each card.

1.Knight of Swords: Swiftness to get things done, but too swift. Maybe fighting a losing battle. Grasping at thin air.

2. 6 of Cups: Trying to build a pleasurable experience for my life.

3. 8 of Wands: Not being able to decide which direction to go in.

4. The Sun: Attaining a true sense of happiness. Learning to see the bright side of the world around you.

5. 3 of Cups: Emotionally feeling grateful of the things that surround you. Being able to spread out in a positive manner.

6. Prince of Swords: The ability to focus on a few goals.

7. Ace of Disks: Starting of material stability. The starting of something more concrete.

8. Queen of Cups: Reflecting upon what may be the hidden factors concerning the matter. Also, may be hiding some aspects of myself that do not need to be hidden anymore.

9. Knight of Disks: Concentrating too much on what is yet to be achieved instead of moving toward the goal itself. I see it as the vehicle to get there is stalled, so to speak.

Now, I put it all together in a comprehensive overview.

At the present moment, my goals of a better world for myself are stuck in between too many choices to make and fighting a battle I am not prepared for on many levels.

In the future, I will find my place and then I can continue the fight while making sure that it is a battle that is meant to be fought.

What the transitional influences are trying to tell me is that self reflection and patience are key at this time. Although, I can’t seem to get this ship in motion, it will eventually start going somewhere on the physical plane. Also, the Knight of cups is a warning not to become overwhelmed with the barrage of decisions coming at me.

Notice that the second vertical row is all cups. These cards represent the emotions. It seems that emotional issues need to be dealt with. The search for the perfect life (6 of Cups) needs to be reflected on in a logical manner (Queen of Cups), then emotional expression can be achieved (3 of Cups). The numerological aspect is that 6’s are the decisions that we must make and 3’s represent creative expression. Being able to express oneself is essential to anyone who is not a robot.

The first vertical row tells me that though I may have the idea that I am grasping at straws at the moment and I am fighting a losing battle, there is a more concrete result underlying my failure due to lack of knowledge. Everything that isn’t working in my favor right now will begin to start showing results on the material plane. It seems to indicate a positive result even though waiting and patience are involved.The 1 and the 19 (1+9= 10, 1+0= 1) both indicate individuality. Staying true to myself is imperative for future growth.

The third vertical row starts off with being spread too thin and the need to take a step back and reflect more upon the goal. Then, I will be able to charge full speed ahead toward the goal itself.

Now, I add up the numbers of the cards to get the quintessence or theme of the reading itself.

Fortune and The Magus: You must dedicate yourself to the matter in question. You now have the strength and skills to master the tasks at hand.

Okay, so that was my reading in a nutshell. I didn’t use the book, so any meanings of cards that did not correspond should not get any purist panties in a knot. I like to read tarot intuitively, and books are not intuitive as they are not living a living thing in my opinion. Only the atoms that make the objects are alive to some degree.

Thank you for reading and have a great night!