When it comes to any meanings in the divinatory sense, everyone has their own keywords that they prefer to use. While doing any sort of research will prove that people just kind of make things up as they go it seems. Personally, these are the keywords that I use for the numbers. Mainly, because that was what I was taught a long time ago and old habits die hard. I like to use one word keywords, because they convey a thought or feeling for every person based on their own map of reality.As you read through this list, you may notice that the fun numbers are the odd numbers, while the even numbers are a little more about hard work. I like to think that this keeps balance in the Universe. Plus, if we only dreamt of great things, but never worked on those great things, we would never move forward on our path.

The Keywords for the Numbers:

1: Individuality: This number means that you are working with the energy of being separate from the rest of the people around you. It speaks of how you treat yourself on an outer level, and asks us to work on taking care of the self, first.

2: Cooperation: The number two talks to us of togetherness. How we work with the other people around us. It asks us to focus on how we are treating others around us.

3: Creativity: The number 3 is a magic number for sure. This kind of magic speaks to us about how we are using our imagination to make our world a better place. It asks us to think outside the box.

4: Hard Work: The number 4 tells us that we will need to grit our teeth, and work hard. This number is about getting things done. It asks us to find the self-discipline we need to work through our responsibilities at hand.
5: Personal Freedom: This number is all about letting your hair down. It’s not about being irresponsible with our actions, but letting go of that which may be holding us down. Letting go of guilt, changing old ways of thought, being flexible, and having some fun is what this number asks of us.

6: Decision: The number 6 is telling us that a decision needs to be made. This could be a big decision that has been on your mind for a while or a tiny one that you think may have no real impact on your life. The decision that you make may make a lasting impression on our lives. This number asks us to make decisions wisely, but at the same time not to overthink the decision.

7: Introspection: The number 7 tells us that we need a little time to think. We need time to work on spiritual matters, and spend some alone time working on spiritual pursuits. This number asks us to seek out knowledge to better ourselves.

8: Business: Now we’re back to work! The number 8 is all about taking care of our business pursuits. This number is also about leadership, control, and power. This number wants us to focus on how we can balance our career pursuits so that we do not step on someone else in the process. It also asks us not to become over-bearing tyrants on those who may be more sensitive than we are.

9: Completion: The number 9 is all about completing the things that we may have been putting off. This could be creative projects, and sometimes it could even signify the end of a relationship. This number gives us relief from stagnant situations, so we can move forward on our path. It asks us to look around us, and see what needs to be changed.

11: Illumination: The number 11 is all about being a light in the darkness for other people. This is like being a flame, and all the little moths gather around your light. While working with this energy may seem like a wonderfully good time, there is always a downside. The people that may be attracted to you could not be the best of people; however, they may be a mirror of your own thoughts and actions. This number asks us to look at the people around us as reflections of where we happen to be on our path at that present moment. If you do not like to see, it is time to make some changes in yourself.

22: Master Builder: The number 22 helps you make your dreams into a reality. This is an auspicious time to start those things that you may have previously believed to be unattainable. The energy of a 22 asks us to dream big, and work on those dreams. This is not a time to sit on your laurels.

Now, these are the numbers that I have personally been using for the past 10 years. Some people like to use the numbers 0 and 33. Since I am not familiar with how these work, if you wish to look into this further, by all means go for it!

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