I feel that the real secret about the Secret is that it does not work for everyone. So, this is a buyer beware if you will.

When I had been going through a hard time last year, I tried to use the secret to make my life better. I love the concept of the movie, but its techniques do not work for me. What worked for me was to get really threatening, angry, and hateful. I thought that was really odd that love and light only provided disappointment. Then, I realized I have never been about all that New Age foo foo nonsense.

The real reason that my negativity worked better, was the intense emotion sent out into the universe. It was the psychic drama that was released that made things start to actually happen. It didn’t have to be a negative emotion either; just a strong one.

Another thing that helped a great deal was that I got rid of any negative nancies that were around me. Those are the people that say they are your friends. However, when you tell them your plans, they somehow ruin them. They either tell you it can’t be done, or they think you can’t do it. I think of this as a kind of astral cock blocking. It negates all the hard positive thinking you just did. I don’t think that everyone does this intentionally, but the best thing to do is to just keep quiet until you have what you want. This way, you keep your friends and you get what you want.

Lastly, you actually have to get out there and do something about your situation. This is the one thing they say in The Secret that I full heartily believe. If you are looking for that special someone to spend a while with, then you need to get out there. I suggest that you know what you want in a significant other, or you will attract vultures.

The secret is nothing more than performing a spell every single moment of your life. So, keep your intentions a SECRET, and get out there and notice things around you.