Everyone wants to be successful in their life, but many people are unsure how they can achieve their dreams. We live in such a hectic world that we as individuals lose the insight that we need to achieve those goals we have set for ourselves. We lose direction because of many factors; many of them have to do with our self esteem levels. It seems as though those who have good self esteem in themselves attain greatness in their lifetime more so than those who live on the low end of the esteem scale. Every single one of us has the ability to kick the low self esteem habit, because that is all it is in my belief. Most people believe the best and easiest to use tools to kick the pattern of self hatred is the Secret or the law of attraction.

The Secret is the easiest way to build up an individual with very low self esteem, and you need to believe with every atom of your body in order for it to work. It teaches the love of self, money, and your health as a way of making the secret of the universe work for you. Love of self is the biggest of the lesson, I feel, because then you know that you are worthy to receive the things that you want. If you don’t love yourself, you will be given the gift of stress and more of the things you don’t want. The same principle applies to money. If you hate money, you will never receive money. In a way, you are dispelling the money that you desperately want, because you hate the money you don’t have. You are focusing on the negative in the situation, and that is exactly what you are getting. It furthers the belief that the money is unattainable, and that belief becomes more ingrained in your psyche and very being. In a way everyone uses the Secret, but may not know it. The Secret all boils down to the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction simply states that whatever we give attention to is created in our environment. This means that if an individual believes that they will fall off of a ladder if they even attempt to climb a ladder, they will do just that. This is a very elementary way of putting it, but in essence, that is how it works. Even though the person who fell off the ladder probably performed a mind freak on themselves, the basics of attracting money and worthwhile relationships is the same. If you believe with every part of your being, whether conscious or not, that you deserve a man in your life who is demeaning and abusive, then men like that will be the only ones that are attracted to you. They will come to you, and encircle you like a vulture does to road kill. Once you decide that you deserve better than to be treated as a four day old flattened possum then you will find that those abusive men are replaced by men who are loving and treat you well. You will see that the men you meet who are mean and condescending will dissipate like a pond in a drought. It looks simple on paper, but the law of attraction is harder to put into action for some people.

Another very important part of the Secret is being appreciative of the things you have and want. Everyone has supportive people in their life, and some people will turn their backs on those people. These people are addicted to the negative, and will have a hard time achieving any success. It is not impossible, but the further these negative Nancies go down the spiral, the harder they will have to get back onto their chosen path to success(aka childhood dreams, etc.) It will always be important to appreciate things and people in your life, but most importantly, YOU must appreciate YOU. You cannot depend on another to lift you up, that is not their responsibility. It is yours!

In conclusion, you are the one responsible for your future. It takes you to become the person who loves you most to make you successful, without being a narcissist of course. You grant yourself the wishes that you desire, whether in relationships, abundance, health, etc, by feeling worthy enough to receive the gifts that the universe has to offer. All you have to do is to love yourself, and believe that you can achieve or get the things you wish to obtain.