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We all have our “on” moments. I am really happy with what I did here, and would like to share it with all of you. I haven’t read my cards in almost a year, and I usually do not read for myself anyway. You tend to be too close to the outcome when you read cards for yourself. You are too attached your emotions of what you want to happen, and you need to be like Switzerland when doing any type of intuitive reading for yourself or others. Basically, I came up with my own spread, and went with it. I was on a roll today.

The thing I love about tarot is the fact that you can be creative if you wish, and it is a wonderful tool to see where you have been, where you are now, and where you may end up if certain things come into play. You can change the course of your future by changing the course of the present. Anyway, on to the reading itself because that is way more fun than preachy sounding words on a screen.

I tried to be in depth with what I am presenting here, but I am not going to tell you what the question I asked was, just the resulting answer. I used the Thoth deck for this reading and the moon is 95% waning in Virgo.

I laid out nine cards after shuffling and concentrating on my question. I put them into 3 rows. The top row being the present factors, the middle row being the transitional influences, and the bottom row being the future factors.

With this part I laid out my notes for what I came up with for each card.

1.Knight of Swords: Swiftness to get things done, but too swift. Maybe fighting a losing battle. Grasping at thin air.

2. 6 of Cups: Trying to build a pleasurable experience for my life.

3. 8 of Wands: Not being able to decide which direction to go in.

4. The Sun: Attaining a true sense of happiness. Learning to see the bright side of the world around you.

5. 3 of Cups: Emotionally feeling grateful of the things that surround you. Being able to spread out in a positive manner.

6. Prince of Swords: The ability to focus on a few goals.

7. Ace of Disks: Starting of material stability. The starting of something more concrete.

8. Queen of Cups: Reflecting upon what may be the hidden factors concerning the matter. Also, may be hiding some aspects of myself that do not need to be hidden anymore.

9. Knight of Disks: Concentrating too much on what is yet to be achieved instead of moving toward the goal itself. I see it as the vehicle to get there is stalled, so to speak.

Now, I put it all together in a comprehensive overview.

At the present moment, my goals of a better world for myself are stuck in between too many choices to make and fighting a battle I am not prepared for on many levels.

In the future, I will find my place and then I can continue the fight while making sure that it is a battle that is meant to be fought.

What the transitional influences are trying to tell me is that self reflection and patience are key at this time. Although, I can’t seem to get this ship in motion, it will eventually start going somewhere on the physical plane. Also, the Knight of cups is a warning not to become overwhelmed with the barrage of decisions coming at me.

Notice that the second vertical row is all cups. These cards represent the emotions. It seems that emotional issues need to be dealt with. The search for the perfect life (6 of Cups) needs to be reflected on in a logical manner (Queen of Cups), then emotional expression can be achieved (3 of Cups). The numerological aspect is that 6’s are the decisions that we must make and 3’s represent creative expression. Being able to express oneself is essential to anyone who is not a robot.

The first vertical row tells me that though I may have the idea that I am grasping at straws at the moment and I am fighting a losing battle, there is a more concrete result underlying my failure due to lack of knowledge. Everything that isn’t working in my favor right now will begin to start showing results on the material plane. It seems to indicate a positive result even though waiting and patience are involved.The 1 and the 19 (1+9= 10, 1+0= 1) both indicate individuality. Staying true to myself is imperative for future growth.

The third vertical row starts off with being spread too thin and the need to take a step back and reflect more upon the goal. Then, I will be able to charge full speed ahead toward the goal itself.

Now, I add up the numbers of the cards to get the quintessence or theme of the reading itself.

Fortune and The Magus: You must dedicate yourself to the matter in question. You now have the strength and skills to master the tasks at hand.

Okay, so that was my reading in a nutshell. I didn’t use the book, so any meanings of cards that did not correspond should not get any purist panties in a knot. I like to read tarot intuitively, and books are not intuitive as they are not living a living thing in my opinion. Only the atoms that make the objects are alive to some degree.

Thank you for reading and have a great night!